Location: Hollywood, California

Client: Paramount Pictures

The Master Plan for Paramount Studios in Hollywood was prepared to optimize the physical development of the historical studio lot, as the basis for increased levels of business and revenues, while improving the quality of the physical environment. The urban design and redevelopment plan provides for a 50% expansion of production and support facilities, amenities and parking. Urban design priorities include adaptive reuse of existing buildings, themed retail linking the studio to the adjacent retail district, and establishing a network of pedestrian walkways and open space on the 130 building campus.

A primary goal of the Plan was to accommodate the projected growth and intensification of the site without compromising the lot’s comfortable scale, its unique architectural character, and the historic sense of place one has when working there. The plan organizes the lot into functional areas that provide for more intensified use of valuable land, while identifying opportunities for improvement and expansion of studio facilities with a clearer and more efficient circulation system. Since, attracting users and talent to the lot is a major element of the studio business plan, the plan provides not only for the facility requirements of an expanded studio, but also pays special attention to the quality and history of the studio and its people.

By providing an organizational concept for ultimate development, the Plan gives direction to what will be an incremental, project-by-project implementation process. An incremental approach to future development has other advantages: it avoids over-building in anticipation of need, results in more moderately-scaled projects, and minimizes disruption to on-going activities. In addition to providing a strategy for development of the lot, the plan also identifies key areas adjacent to the studio which could provide additional parking, or development sites either for traditional studio activities or wholly new ventures.