Location:  Thousand Oaks, California

Client: Amgen

Johnson Fain has designed numerous revisions to Amgen’s 120-acre Master Plan, to address the realities of site and building development. The master plan update includes enhanced main entry gateway; new open space and view corridors; revised internal vehicular and service drives; creation of new courts, plazas and landscape opportunities; revised overall pedestrian circulation network; the Central Mall, planned as the focal open space of the campus; and consultation regarding acquisition of new lands surrounding the current holdings, in order to expand the complex.

Services included programming, site studies and cost assessments as well as overall master planning; strategic development planning; design guidelines, parking and preliminary building siting studies; operations master plan; detailed overall site improvement implementation planning.

Johnson Fain has also designed many building at Amgen Center including Buildings 27, 28 and 38 which form the Administrative Headquarters Complex, Building 30 Research Laboratory which was designed in two phases, and three parking structures including PS-3, PS-6 and PS-10.

Johnson Fain prepared an overall analysis of physical systems on Amgen’s Thousand Oaks site, and has prepared several subsequent updates as well. These overview studies were conducted to explore issues, conditions and objectives that underlie the design of a coordinated and consistent site wide development plan for Amgen Center as it has evolved from a disaggregated collection of buildings into a coherently planned campus. Focused investigations included existing and future utilities, parking, shuttle routes, emergency and service vehicle routes, bikeways, traffic and trip calculations and measurements, landscape, and perimeter barriers.