Location:  Los Angeles, California

Client:   Pacific Earth Resources

The Greenways Plan for Los Angeles proposes the use of readily available underutilized land resources within LA’s existing infrastructure systems to provide a significant increase in public open space.  The plan views active and abandoned transit/rail right-of-ways, transit lines, bikeways, river estuaries and flood control channels and power line easements as elements in a country-wide linear open space system. 

The plan links the proposed open space system to existing town centers, schools, libraries, post offices and senior centers as well as providing sites for new facilities.  The concept can be the catalyst for establishing additional public parks, squares and plazas thereby increasing the amount of open spaces available for the use and enjoyment of the public.  As Los Angeles intensifies with new residences and commerce, the plan provides opportunities for a wide range of developments to be associated with a corresponding amount of interconnected park development.

In 1996, the City of Los Angeles General Plan Update adopted many of the plan’s proposed urban greenways into its Framework Element.