Location: Los Angeles, California

Client: University of California, Los Angeles

The renovation of the UCLA Rieber Dining Hall included a 12,000 square foot dining room and specialty food platforms plus a 5,300 square foot main kitchen.  The existing facility was last renovated in the mid 1990’s and required a complete renovation of all interior elements.  The new Rieber Dining Hall features an interior layout maximizing natural light and views for diners, as well as a variety of seating and social choices from comfortable booths and a communal table to quiet spaces for individual seating and a private dining room. 

Materials and furniture feature warm woods, textures and a natural color palette.  The selection of sustainable materials from bamboo table tops, recycled glass tile, terrazzo, carpet and ceiling tiles with recycled content was a priority.  The new Rieber Dining Hall seats over 650 residents in a contemporary restaurant-quality atmosphere with improved functionality of all food service elements.