Location:  Los Angeles, California

Client:  Hines

The objective of this major renovation was to create a more accessible and visible avenue through the existing 707 Wilshire office tower. To achieve the objective, the scope included the removal of existing North and South Plaza visual and physical barricades, such as battered walls and obstructive raised planters. The new plaza includes seating elements inviting to pedestrians. The existing North and South Lobby entrances were modified to include an approximately 45 foot by 75 foot point supported glass wall system, replacing a portion of the existing dark curtain wall. The new glass creates a visual portal into the lobbies revealing the existing double volume space exhibiting new paving and finishes accented with a large-scale use of primary colors.

Prior to the renovation, the west garden was inaccessible to the public. Therefore, the renovation included the removal of the existing curtain wall, elimination of existing artwork, introduction of a new glass roof structure and an upgrade of finishes and landscape. Centered on a generous water wall and new plant materials, the new lobby accommodates food services and various tenant programs.