Location:  Northridge, California

Client:  New Urban West

Johnson Fain worked with New Urban West to design a mixed-use infill project on 16 acres, containing 800 for-sale condominiums and lofts as well as 25,000 square feet of ground-floor retail space. Johnson Fain also provided design guidelines for upcoming phases of development. The project is envisioned as an “urban village” where a range of dwelling types is built around a “commons” that includes green space and shared recreation facilities. The design of this communal facility will be memorable and iconic, and feel special in the commons environment. It will be designed for ease of living, and will be pedestrian-friendly not only within the site, but also provide easy access to the neighboring shopping, entertainment and business services that exist immediately adjacent. Plus, The District’s “main street” will provide new day-to-day service opportunities. The District is also conceived as a “lifestyle community” creating a high quality of life for its residents. Its environment will connect to the surrounding neighborhood through green spaces, and with pedestrian and vehicular connection points throughout. The site’s landscape will be infused with a strong and mature “green” vocabulary of planting, and the inclusion of many water features will provide a “cool” environment and open space continuity. As an urban village, The District will integrate with surrounding public transportation, and connect to Hollywood and downtown Los Angeles via Metro Rail. A transit stop near the southwest corner of the District will complete the connection to the places residents want to go throughout the city.