Location: DanDong, China

The DanDong project is an 11 tower project consisting of luxury condominiums ranging in size from 120 to 210 square meters with a small percentage of 300 square meter two-story penthouse units. The project is in the historic city of DanDong along the Yalu River which divides China and North Korea. The site is located on the river and fronts a public park. The heights of the housing towers builds up as they become closer to the edge of the river in order to maximize the number of condominium homes that have views of the river. The interior of the site contains a “Great Garden” providing recreational and cultural amenities for the homeowners of this hi-rise community. The location and height of the towers were also determined by the solar access and the goal is to provide at least two hours of sunlight in the living areas of the homes, on the coldest winter day. The exterior treatment of the buildings reflects the pattern, color, proportion, and texture of historic Chinese architecture in a modern expression of glass, metal, and concrete.