Location:  Changli, Qinhuangdao, China

Client:  China National Cereals, Oils and Foodstuffs Corporation (COFCO)

The Great Wall Winery Hotel and Visitor Center is located within the vineyard adjacent to the existing winery. Guests will arrive along a beautiful tree-lined road that looks out to the vineyard or park near the entry road to be taken to the Visitors Center by a shuttle. As they approach the building, the landscape will allow clear views to the Visitor Center and rows of vines that lead your eye up to the building. The entry drive will continue along the South end of the building and enter into the parking and drop-off zone west of the Visitor Center.

The 140,000 square foot building is situated in the site to take advantage of expansive views of the vineyard. Nestled into the topography along the front edge of an existing hill, the shape of the building is formed by the “wrapping” of the hill offering panoramic views and natural landscaped terraces to the outside. The building presents itself as a long horizontal line connecting the tour experience of the working winery to the 59-room Hotel and Visitor Center, making it possible to walk at the same elevation through the Visitor Center, Hotel and the Winery Tour route. The tasting rooms, banquet hall, lobbies, and space for major functions look out to the vineyard providing a great view and connection to the exterior. The exterior facades of the building are clad in natural stones with aluminum metal windows and accents of wood and glass railings. Natural light is abundant due to the expansive windows and strategically located skylights in the entry lobbies of both the Visitor Center and Hotel. The use of natural materials, large expanses of glass, and earth tone colors allow the building to harmoniously connect with the existing vineyard, offering visitors an immersive winery experience in this area of China.