Location:  Doha, Qatar, Arabian Gulf

The Doha Sheraton Hotel and Conference Center, in the capital city of the Arabian Gulf State of Qatar, has become the focal point of a major urban expansion program. Located on 100 acres of a newly created landfill totaling nearly 1,900 acres, the $130 million complex commands sweeping views of the city and the sea. Built around a dramatic 13-story atrium, the 16-story structure contains 430 guest rooms and a variety of restaurants and other public spaces. The dry climate, strong winds and extreme heat have influenced the design of the complex, with its spacious interior areas and circulation protected from the sun and high temperatures. The interiors blend contemporary elements with the established artistic heritage of Qatar. Johnson Fain designed all facets of the project including graphics, uniforms, china and other details to provide total unity of design. In addition to these projects, Johnson Fain also provided planning services for the New District of Doha. This includes the planning of the Diplomatic Area, a zone for the country’s embassies, and housing for the diplomatic community; the District Center, the commercial and office core of the New District; the Ministries Center, the Central Administrative Headquarters for the Government’s 17 ministries; the State Plaza; as well as the residential subdivisions for senior staff and intermediate staff housing, including over 2,000 housing units.