Location:  Shanghai, China

Positioning Shanghai as a world financial center, the “Informational City” is defined by “space of flows” that are electronic communications and “space of place” which draws upon social, cultural, and political references. Thus, the goal for the plan is to create a highly mobile environment that is adaptable while rich in amenities and high quality of life to promote creative information exchange in both formal and informal settings.


The architecture will be modern, elegant, and highly variegated, reflecting an optimistic and progressive future. The new district is a predominantly mid-rise campus around a formal lake, selectively punctuated at its gateway by tall buildings to establish a strong identity. Interconnected buildings, using sky bridges, high volume community spaces, and interior courtyards, will allow for interaction and conferencing. A unique feature will be a 180 meter tall observation tower, a distinctive landmark for the JiaDing skyline offering views to the city and beyond, and providing a contemporary centerpiece to the new urban center that recalls the historical Fahua Tower that is a centerpiece of the old JiaDing.

Prime features include: a 24/7 environment; active street level amenities; people-places; collaborative space; world-class education opportunities; a connected city with direct transportation connections via rail and roads to central Shanghai; and environmental sustainability. The plan includes environmentally sustainable principles for the urban infrastructure as well as all buildings and related open-space. The sustainable open space will provide opportunities for recreation and refreshment that includes numerous sporting activities, boating, meditation and socializing.