Location:  San Francisco, California

Client:  Citicorp

This corporate headquarters for Citicorp is located in the heart of the San Francisco financial district. The 712,000 square foot project combines a new 43-story office building with a public conservatory at street level. The conservatory was created by preserving the principal facade and arches of the 1923 neo-classical London Paris National Bank and enclosing a 10,000 square foot space, designed in harmony and complementing the original building. Skylights crown the white marble interior space, which is shaded by flowering trees, forming a public outdoor living room. The office tower is a simple sculpted volume, shaped at the top to add interest to the city skyline. Rounded corners reduce the bulk of the building and provide panoramic views from each office floor. The tower is clad in a skin of pre-cast light grey panels and lightly tinted blue-green glass.