Location:  Chengdu, China

The Chengdu Creative Industry Corridor is a small component of a newly master planned community of 160,000 residents south of the city of Chengdu in China. Situated along the major north-south Ren-Min corridor extension are six office sites. Project sites are distinguished as campus sites that may be occupied by a single corporation, or a series of multi-tenant office sites which are generally linear in nature.

The parti for the two prototypes are conceptually different. Campus sites are seen as an exercise in subtractive architecture. They are conceptualized as being under a single, green roof. The cohesiveness of the roofscape is intended to unify the individual office structures which reside underneath. Cut-outs in the roof create courtyards thus allowing light into the office space. Undulating like the hilly topography which is prevalent in the area, the low-lying structures superimpose a new topography that blends the campus into its immediate surroundings. To distinguish the campus, each site is anchored by an undulating glass midrise located to punctuate view corridors from the planned parkway.

Strand sites strive for differentiation while maintaining a sense of the whole.

Conceptually, these sites consist of a series of woven strands that together define courtyards and open spaces. The fractile formal language creates distinction among the clusters and provides flexibility, permitting the building geometry to adjust to optimize views to the surrounding lakes and landscape. Each adjustment is additive in nature and creates further individualization.