Location:  Thousand Oaks, California

Client:  Amgen

Johnson Fain has provided comprehensive design services at Amgen Center since 1994. Amgen, currently one of the largest biotech companies in the world, began as a start-up in a single building in Thousand Oaks. As the company grew, it acquired adjoining properties until it assembled the present 130-acre site. Establishing a master plan concept that accommodated the expansion of new buildings and re-worked open spaces, pedestrian/automobile circulation, and new employee amenities, Johnson Fain has helped transform an industrial neighborhood into a friendly, landscaped and well-organized environment. In addition, a number of major buildings have been commissioned. These buildings include offices, laboratories, parking structures, a fitness center and executive conference centers. In addition to architecture, Johnson Fain has provided interior design services for most of these buildings. Incorporating new concepts of natural daylighting, interactive teaming, efficient floor plans and layouts and comfortable workflow for employees, the interior designs have helped establish a humane and productive workplace for Amgen employees. Johnson Fain continues to assist Amgen with its building and site development, and has now collaborated with the company for more than 20 years.