Location:  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Client:  Native American Cultural and Educational Authority of the State of Oklahoma

Johnson Fain is working with the American Indian Cultural Center and Educational Authority of the state of Oklahoma on a Museum and Cultural Center, representing 39 federally recognized Native American tribes. The mission of the American Indian Cultural Center is the study, production, and celebration of Native American culture.

The project includes a Cultural Center, Museum, Native American Artist Colony with Galleries, Communications Center with Language and Broadcast Center, 200-room Lodge and Tribal Council facilities, 200 acres of Interpretive Landscaping, Dance Grounds, and outdoor Amphitheater.

The Cultural Center and Museum is a building of the earth integrated into the large rising spiral mound at the heart of the site. A large prismatic glass Hall of The People is the meeting place for the many tribes making up Oklahoma’s rich Native American heritage and the starting place for the visitor to begin his or her journey through the rich story of Native American culture and history.   On the North Canadian River at the northern edge of the site are the Arts Marketplace, Lodge Hotel, and Council Hall.   Site Planning and Landscape concepts are designed to express landscapes that influenced patterns of Native American habitation and culture, as well to express program through form.  

Themes of Encampment and the Woodlands, River, and Plains landscapes of Oklahoma’s Native American tribes, are woven into the site plan concept, restoring the site’s environment and sustainability. A large circular area towards the southwest portion of the site provides for pow-wows, dances, gathering and periodic encampment on a grand scale. Woodlands at the southern portion of the site house an RV Park, organized into circular encampments.