Location:  North Hollywood, California

Client:  Marlborough School

The Marlborough School renovation and expansion project included programming, architecture and interior design for strategic upgrades and expansion of classrooms, administrative offices, staff offices, performing arts space, music and fine arts. It was accomplished in three phases, consisting of building renovation, new construction, and exterior site improvements.

Beginning with a program analysis that led to a series of discrete project definitions, the renovation phase included remodeling of the existing Science Facility to accommodate biology, physics and chemistry laboratories, plus lecture rooms, as well as interior improvements to office areas and other specialized-use spaces such as an intimate theater, a music room and dance studio. Opportunities were found for expansion within the existing building envelope with minimal disruption of ongoing school program offerings.

The new construction phase included a second floor addition to house new classrooms and laboratories, and an infill addition to two ground floor bays of the existing central building to house Admissions and College Counseling. The third phase unfolded over time to include the acquisition of neighboring properties for the purpose of creating outdoor playing fields behind the school.