Location:  Menggon Hills, Guam

Client:  Miyama Development International, Tokyo

The LeoPalace Resort is a world class golf resort community on the island of Guam in the heart of Micronesia. Johnson Fain was commissioned to provide the master plan and architectural design for all elements of the 1300-acre site. This second-home, destination resort includes 3,000 dwellings, ranging from single family detached to duplex and condominium units. In addition, there is a 200-room luxury hotel with private cottage bungalows, conference facilities, a helipad and centrally located clubhouse for special exhibition, recreation and food service events.

The plan provides for extensive leisure-time and recreational amenities which include: 45 holes of golf designed by Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer including a tournament course, driving range and putting greens; 20 tennis courts, including exhibition courts; clubhouses for tennis, golf and swimming; a SCUBA pool, Olympic swimming and diving pools; equestrian center; and facilities for baseball all integrated into the tropical landscape. The hotel, clubhouses and a retail center are grouped around an 8-acre lake to form a central resort village. The village retail center will provide essential goods and services for both residents and visitors.

The Mediterranean architecture of the LeoPalace Resort reflects Guam’s Spanish colonial and Pacific heritage, exemplified by stucco walls, red-tiled roofs, arcaded village streets and public squares. The village architecture reflects a tradition of outdoor gatherings and enhances the opportunity to enjoy Guam’s balmy, tropical climate.