Location:  Mianyang, Sichuan, China

Mianyang is a rapidly growing center for academic and nuclear research in Sichuan Province, located within the “Golden Corridor” of Chengdu’s urban development.  The two square-kilometer site for Youxian New Town is one of the last remaining large tracts of land along the Fu River within the city limits.

The site is strategically located between the University R&D Center and the Mianyang Science City Complex. Youxian New Town is planned to be the social, residential, commercial and recreational hub that connects the two. Existing regional rail, high speed rail, freeway and planned subway provide the basis for the site to become a vital transportation hub as well.

The new town is oriented to the Fu River, the “mother river of Mianyang City”, and will be unique among the ‘pearls’ of development along the river, focusing on science, culture and tourism.  Water is a theme running through the new town, with a major new riverfront park and canals throughout. Small walkable blocks promote a vibrant and sustainable streetscape with enhanced sidewalks and extensive landscaping.