Location:  Chengdu, Sichuan, China

Client:  Wide Horizon Development Corp.

Luxe Lakes is a new commercial, residential and recreational community located in the path of the main growth corridor of the City of Chengdu. Poised to have an important role in Chengdu’s emerging high-tech and creative industries, and located just south of the Chengdu’s new Central Business District in Tianfu, Luxe Lakes seeks to create a high quality suburban center to meet the economic and lifestyle needs of Chengdu’s international business community.

The plan aims to balance development with environmental protection, with over 1,100 hectares set aside for open space, including parks, forest preserves, existing orchards, lakes and canals. The remaining land area would be used for housing, a creative industry mixed-use town center, an arts village, schools and universities, and a resort district.

In the Knowledge City places of employment and learning are never far apart. The opportunities to put into practice what is learned and to learn from what is practiced is a unique opportunity created by this plan. Research, incubator start-ups and small production facilities are located adjacent to university classrooms and labs and to housing. This allows for the extension of the traditional disconnected educational system into an integrated and synergistic life-long learning experience.