Location:  Doha, Qatar, Arabian Gulf

Client:  State of Qatar

The New District of Doha is a planned community built in part on 1,900 acres of reclaimed land immediately north of Doha, the capital city of Qatar, and was selected by the government to serve as a model for that country’s urban development. While creating land for the New District, the hydraulic landfill simultaneously transformed former tidal flats into a sparkling blue bay as focus for the city.

The New Community Plan covers more than 5,000 acres and is designed for 60,000. Our scope of work included definitive plans for highways, utilities services, housing, neighborhood, business, civic, cultural and community facilities. In addition, we directed specific annual Action Plans which coordinated the implementation of government building and infrastructure projects.

The firm completed several specific projects and plans within the District. These included:

  • Architectural design of the Doha Sheraton Hotel and Conference Center, opened in 1982
  • Planning of the Diplomatic Area, a place for the Country’s Embassies, and housing for the diplomatic community
  • Planning of the District Center, the Central Administrative headquarters for the Government’s 17 ministries
  • Design of the State Plaza and the Corniche Promenade
  • Planning of the residential subdivisions for senior staff and intermediate staff housing including over 2,000 housing units
  • Design of the C-Road Community Commercial Center, the core of the first of the four residential community of the New District