Location:  San Diego, California

Client:  Lennar / JMI Realty

The Ballpark Village Master Plan (BPVMP) Development Standards establishes the general design and development criteria for Parcels C and D of San Diego’s Sports and Entertainment District, a component of the Centre City Planned District. These parcels are envisioned as a high density mixed-use center adjacent to Petco Ballpark and one of San Diego’s main light rail stations, in the heart of downtown’s energetic entertainment, restaurant and sports district.

The BPVMP is the framework for a richly mixed-use neighborhood that is fully integrated into its surrounding community by providing view corridors and extending the street system through the project.  The plan sets the course for Ballpark Village to contribute to the development of a distinctive world-class downtown with high quality building and amenities that reflect San Diego’s unique setting. The urban form prescribed in the Ballpark Village Master Plan reflects the Ballpark District and San Diego’s downtown identity.

The mixed uses in Ballpark Village will contribute to establish downtown as a vibrant and livable place that allows people to live close to work, transit, and culture. Ballpark Village will foster vital public spaces and active street-life. Building massing and placement will reinforce the celebration of San Diego’s unique climate and waterfront location. The plan will be a component of the Balboa Park to Bay link, helping to re-establish Balboa Park’s relationship to downtown.

These Development Standards govern elements such as: minimum and maximum development, height, bulk, vehicular/ pedestrian circulation, building setbacks, step-backs, tower orientation, and other general urban form elements. These elements complement the aesthetics and operations of neighboring Petco Park, and provide a flexible urban design framework that allows a variety of uses to respond to changing market conditions.

The provisions of the BPVMP are used by San Diego’s Centre City Development Corporation (CCDC) in the review of Centre City Development Permit Applications for the various components of the BPVMP.