Location:  Thousand Oaks, California

Client:  Amgen

Amgen’s Building 38, along with Buildings 27 and 28, also designed by Johnson Fain, forms the administrative complex at Amgen Center. Building 38 contains five floors above grade and a full basement in approximately 265,000 square feet. The building features stone and glass exteriors which complement the surrounding buildings. The building’s activities are intended to activate the terrace area which unify the three buildings. Together, the buildings create a strong rectangular open space.

Building 38’s site improvements are an important addition to the overall Amgen site master plan goal, creating a pedestrian district in the heart of Amgen Center. With wayfinding and outdoor amenities significantly enhanced, the new administrative cluster gives a sense of identity and spatial coherence to the core area. Elements of Building 38’s site design include the Terrace, Paseo, and Commons.

The ground floor interior spaces in Amgen Building 38 incorporate natural materials of stone and wood reinforcing Amgen’s distinctiveness as a nature-based technology company. An extensive and open-ended lobby is designed to accommodate circulation patterns throughout the building with paving designs and materials transitioning to the exterior at both ends. The ground floor also includes a 20,000 square foot conference center comprising a state-of-the-art video conference center, flexible 100-person meeting room as well as a compliment of small to medium-sized conference rooms, restrooms and pantries.

The upper floors address a mix of open plan workstations and private offices which resulted from a Johnson Fain densification study to increase efficiencies. Sliding barn door systems reduce real estate requirements while providing additional work and storage space for offices. Informal interactive spaces, conference rooms and pantries throughout the upper floors provide meeting areas adjacent to the work environment.