Location:  Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

The corporate headquarters for American Airlines is located southwest of the Dallas-Fort Worth Regional Airport, on 70 acres of densely-wooded, steep terrain crossed by natural creeks. Buildings, roads, and parking areas are sited to preserve as much of the forest as possible. A man-made lake adds to the beauty of the natural surroundings. The 435,000 square foot low-rise building complex designed for 1,600 employees, consists of a series of separate office modules connected by pedestrian concourses to a main gallery and dining area. The main entrance is through a 700-foot long gallery, a high-tech, glass enclosed space frame clad with clear and reflective solar glass. The first floor contains a reception area, corporate board room, meeting rooms and company store. It is a main circulation spine, from which three pedestrian concourses lead to 12 office modules. In the basement beneath the gallery are housed a computer center, print shop, maintenance and mechanical equipment.

Office modules, built of exposed structural steel clad with gray solar glass, vary in height from three to four stories, and are arranged around open courts, preserving the forested environment. Modules are sized in accordance with departmental needs and with concern for future expansion. A circular cafeteria building with an outdoor terrace provides an attractive employee dining area for 500 persons, as well as private and executive dining rooms. The structure serves a dual purpose, its rooftop being used as a motor court and parking plaza for visitors arriving at the complex. There is parking on the site for 1,400 cars.