Location:  Santa Maria Valley, California

A sweeping, curved roof, reminiscent of the rolling hills surrounding the site, is the primary expression of the Byron Winery. In keeping with California’s visionary tradition, the 32,000 square foot Byron Winery is both strikingly futuristic and respectful of the land from which it grows. Born of natural materials, the winery is formed of cedar planks, iron windows and zinc roofing. Highlighted by free-form panels of strong earth pigments, a long shaded portico runs the length of the building, providing entry to the tasting and barrel rooms, and an overview of the vineyards below. Technically, the project features: 10,000 square feet of barrel aging facilities, with a cave-like environment for optimal humidity and temperature control; gravity-flow design; state-of-the-art technology, including specially-designed grape sorting tables and portable tank transport systems; a special drainage system; tasting room; catering kitchen; and wine library. The winery is situated in 640 acres of vineyards and has a capacity of 70,000 cases yearly.