Location:  Long Beach, California

This 5-level parking structure, located on Shoreline Drive, provides 1,470 spaces for the Aquarium of the Pacific, an IMAX theater, and a variety of seaport shops, restaurants, and entertainment. This unique and inviting structure was designed, in association with IPD, to provide an entertaining gateway to visitors of Queensway Bay. The project’s theme consists of a playful interpretation of various marine life and features a coral style stair case and a facade that offers the appearance of sea bubbles and ocean waves.

Blue neon outlines five golden aluminum panels that slope along one side of the building and offers the appearance of a wave crashing onto Shoreline Drive. Taking the appearance of a ship’s sails, the stair and elevator tower is 80 feet tall and is a landmark to sailors who find their way back to the Long Beach Marina.

The landscaping includes a centrally located fountain with three playful bronze dolphins. Careful consideration went into the selection of the Sea Lavender, Australian Bluebells, Morning Glory, Lily of the Nile, and Pride of Madeira used to accentuate the arbors. The entertaining design of this structure is accompanied with many practical features, including a 8’ 2” clearance on all levels. On the floor, graphics of fish are utilized to show pedestrians to the location of the elevators and stairs. A ramp has been provided to separate pedestrians from vehicular traffic. Each level of the parking structure has its own color scheme that incorporates imagery of the sea and serves to assist in helping people find their cars. An additional feature offers a selected amount of spaces equipped to accommodate electric vehicles.