Location:  Century City, California

Fox Plaza is a 34-story, granite and glass office tower with its innovative design originally conceived to establish identity for its owner. The 650,000 square foot tower provides a superior environment for corporate office and professional firms. Fox Plaza is a contemporary building, essentially designed as a prism, becoming lighter in detail and more reflective toward the top. It is clad in gray tinted glass and salmon colored Finnish granite that is highly decorative at the entrance and the lower podium area. The faceted design gives the tower strong vertical presence and also makes possible 16 corner offices on most floors.

The two-story lobby is richly finished in salmon-colored granite with black, diamond shaped accents, reflecting the exterior appearance, as well as a granite floor and a barrel-vaulted, decorative, coffered ceiling. Fox Plaza is featured prominently in the 20th Century Fox production, “Die Hard”. Ten years after Fox Plaza became the premier address in Century City, new pedestrian canopies enhance its architectural image and plaza amenities. Counterbalancing cantilevers of specially-designed radial steel members allow the canopies to be supported by a single row of columns, minimizing the visual impact of the structure at ground level and promoting the free flow of pedestrian traffic. The columns are clad with polished red granite identical to that used in the adjacent tower. Suspending more than 11,000 square feet of glazing with countersunk stainless steel fasteners, the canopies “wings of glass” are an unprecedented frameless, planar installation. Design tolerances generated with Computer-Aided-Design, precise fabrication and installation set a new standard for technical achievement in horizontal glazing. Parking for tenants and guests of Fox Plaza is provided in a six-level parking structure containing 1,830 spaces, with enclosed access to the building via an escalator.