Location:  Long Beach, California

Client:  City National Bank

The City National Bank Marina Pacifica branch is a new 3,344 square foot standalone bank branch office that incorporates the latest sustainable technologies, materials, and design. Opened to the public in the Spring of 2014, it replaces an earlier branch office that was located in a neighboring lot. Contrasting in form and materials from the adjacent Marina Pacifica shopping mall, the new building is clad in horizontal white metal panels and ultra-clear low-iron glass. Deep overhangs at the entry and ATM location keep the building cool in the afternoon, provide protection for ATM customers and create a clearly defined arrival zone. The elegant massing discretely hides the mechanical equipment and photovoltaic array, which helped the project attain its LEED platinum status as well as achieving a NetZero energy goal. First year energy cost savings are expected to be $70,000.