Location:  Jakarta, Indonesia

The 45-story twin towers contain 215,000 square meters of office space with 6,000 square meters of retail space in the base. Icon Towers is situated in the busy commercial district of Jakarta in Indonesia. Originally designed as hi-rise condominium towers during 2007, the client determined that the function of the towers would be changed to commercial speculative office buildings after the structural footings were completed, due to the demands of the real estate market in 2010. The basic structure of the original design was kept but the exterior building shape and skin were redesigned to accommodate its new use. The exterior building curtain wall is a highly articulated skin that is faceted and shaped to take advantage of the prevalent sunlight that occurs in Jakarta along the equator. This treatment creates a jewel like structure that shimmers and changes during the course of the day. The window wall treatment, along the East & West exposures, provides horizontal sunshades to shield the interior spaces from heat gain during hot summer days.