Location: Playa Vista, California

Client:  Lincoln Property Company

The first new commercial development in Playa Vista, this six acre campus features 950,000 square feet of Class A office space and sets the standard for future projects in the area. This creative campus plan integrates seamlessly into Playa Vista’s modern urban development and work-play-live environment. The design of the new office buildings represent the convergence of a state-of-the-art workplace environment and a continuation of the industrial character of the surrounding historic Hughes buildings. Bold in scale and designed to the edge of their site, the buildings are configured to mimic the frank, flush elevational walls of the original buildings while providing flexible, uninterrupted floor plans required by technology, media, and other high profile commercial tenants. Building materials, textures and finishes take their cue from both historic and state-of-the-art industrial applications including zinc-finished corrugated sheet steel, aluminum unitized window systems with projecting sunshades, sills and high-performance glass. Silk-screened laminated glass transoms, perforated corrugated panels, and sunshades assist in maximizing daylight while limiting heat and energy consumption. The LEED Gold buildings respond to solar orientation for energy efficiency and building sustainability.