Location:  Beijing, China

This world-class mixed use project is located in the CBD district of Beijing, China on Shang Wu Zhong Xin Dong Xi Street. The project is designed with the goal of creating a major landmark for the city of Beijing. Through the use of water, lighting, audio/visual effects and people-oriented activities, the project will become an entertainment and retail focal point of the Beijing CBD area. It is comprised of three major elements including an office tower, hotel and retail space with parking located below-grade throughout the entire site.

The office tower is approximately 40,000 square meters and is located on the southeast corner of the site. It will provide first class office space with the latest high-speed technologies in HVAC, internet cabling, elevators, and daylighting control systems. The typical office floor layout will be efficient, maximizing perimeter space for tenant offices and providing as much column-free space as possible.

The 5-star luxury hotel is approximately 40, 000 square meters and is located on the northeast corner of the site. The hotel will include all necessary support functions for both the business traveler and vacationing tourist including restaurants, an international business center, and recreational / spa facilities.

The retail space is 50,000 square meters in three levels above grade and one level below. The shopping experience in the retail areas will incorporate a feeling of nature through the use of water, landscape, natural lighting and a tie to the outdoors