Location: Beijing, China

Johnson Fain’s general plan of the Beijing Century City Development reflects the influences of the surrounding environment and the street organization. The main office tower is located on the prominent axis of Chaoyang Boulevard, with its twin tower, directly to the East, on the opposite side of an Entry Plaza. This Entry Plaza becomes the central public arrival space that unifies the entire project. The massing of the office, housing and hotel towers helps to reinforce the street edge and at the same time, maximizes solar access. A lower podium level of three stories, along with numerous rows of trees, create a buffer that reduces the scale of the project at the street perimeter.

Automobile access to the site occurs at several locations along the perimeter. Visitor entry and drop-off occurs at the Entry Plaza for both the offices and the residential buildings. A generous multiple lane driveway allows visitors and tenants to drop off guests at the front door of the building and continue down to the subterranean levels of parking via a ramp. A special arrival area for guests of the hotel occurs at the intersection of North Guan Dong Dian Street and Chaoyang Boulevard, with valet parking drop-off and direct access to the parking levels below.

Pedestrian entries to the project occur at both the street level and the parking levels. Shopping, restaurants and other support retail spaces enhance the passage of visitors and tenants to the major building lobbies for office, residential and hotel. High speed elevators along with escalators at the lower podium level ease the vertical transition through the complex.