Location:  DanDong, China

The site is located outside the center of DanDong in an undeveloped area. It is marked by a series of low hillsides which form a natural valley or “bowl” which is generally linear in form in the north/west to south/east direction. The project provides for 116,217 square meters of new development within the overall master plan.

The concept for the site plan grows out of working with the existing topography in order to create a series of terraced garden neighborhoods which connect to a central roadway. The primary organizing element for the property is this formal and axial tree lined roadway. It descends gradually out of the hills from south to north before turning at the base of the hills to connect with the main highway. At the bend of the road is a large man-made lake which forms a beautiful foreground to the Community Clubhouse and takes advantage of a natural swale in the topography. This lake is available to all residents of the development in the form of a regional park. Throughout the development concept residents and guests will find creeks, canals, and smaller pond elements which tie the site together and manage site drainage as if the project was designed by nature. An abundance use of flowering trees will add color and create a sensory experience for all residents.