Location:  Los Angeles, California

Client:  Gilmore Development

This 200,000 square foot, 23-story residential and boutique hotel tower includes ground level restaurant, retail, boutique hotel and condominiums. Central to the design is a publicly accessible pocket park at mid-block and large landscaped south-facing terraces which house a pool deck and outdoor dining. The hotel’s lobby is located on the second floor, preserving the ground floor for a continuation of street level retail. The second floor lobby acts as a bridge over the vehicular entry and has a lounge 20 feet above, that overlooks Spring Street and connects to the dining room and outdoor terrace bar to the south.

The Tower’s massing is a rectangle at the podium encompassing ground level, second floor and parking. Dramatically set back, the hotel floors rise and become sculpted as they are transformed to residential floors, providing a fractal crown on the skyline. The building’s skin is a flush combination of metal panels and glass of varying reflectivities and patterns. The tilted planes of the tower forms begin at the cornice level of adjacent historic buildings while the top breaks through the 150 foot district height limitation to capture views and establish a new scale and iconography in the historic neighborhood.

426 South Spring Street is the first proposed tower in the historic corridor, designed to accommodate a rich array of vertically-stacked mixed uses, and marks a new generation of urbanism in Los Angeles.